Why wait….

Poem urging everyone to enact NOW, why wait to choose closer to our sunset hours…..

Silent Sonata

Poem on Thundering typhoon of silence making deafening loud enterance, late yet slow & sure …..

Kaliedoscopic Confusion

Poem admonishing Mind’s eternal tug between emotion and logic, heart and head specially where loved one is concerned ………


Poem expressing anguish at watching self-deterioration journey in sadness, yet holding on to hope

Is it too soon?

Poem talks of anguish of ending a three decade partnership and inability to salvage it through roller coaster of drug use by one

Mind’s Cobwebs

When everything seems dark, all feels low, and one feels alone, that is the moment to TRUST, BELIEVE- there is shimmer in rainbow, there is glimmer in life!!!

Grandness in Grace of Giving

Poem on an ageing drooping gnarly leafless tree attending the party of blooming; blossoming; fruiting powerful Trees

Talk to Someone, Lest t’is too late!!

Shocking suicide of young Sushant Singh Rajput felt like a personal loss. Everyone is chasing a routine, ratrace, rivalry, competition, winning, victory, happiness, material. STOP. Let us be kinder, pause and ask if the person next door, acquaintance, friend, loved one is well, happy and okay. It may save a life!!

Concerns &Support for Geriatric Population

Dolly Carlos is an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) in Canada. She works in multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinics focused on auto accidents, workplace accidents,( knees, hips, spine) surgery cases, etc. The majority of her clients are elderly, which inspired her to write this informational article that informs as well as inspires to actively contribute to making the environment supportive for our geriatric communities.

Hit and Run

June 4th morning body of 22 year Alysa Jade Kristjanson from Princeton NJ was found near Dunkin Donuts in North Brunswick. She was hit by a car and left alone for 7 and a half hours before anyone found her. She could be anyone’s sister, friend, child, partner, maybe a mother…how are humans capable of walking away to save own skin when someone is hurt due to their mistake?
My tribute to the young lady..age of my own


Shalini Andra is a French Teacher, Self-development coach, Singer and poet who shares her words on the Goddess in every woman that is loving, compassionate, nurturing and can turn into fierce destroyer and warrior when need arises

Manifesting 101

Rae Elliot Williams details her journey on how she manifested her first book, and what she went through to turn her seed of vision into reality.