I am your Autistic Friend

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Stigmatized unsocial, lacking emotional reciprocity

Reacting to stimulus reflecting varied sensitivity,

I seek to learn, be gregarious, and interact with ability

I think, play, reach, yet excluded from communal activity

I am your classmate, neighbor, friend in your community!

I may not respond to smile; I crinkle up in smiles when happy

Fewer Interests, familiar people, patterns make days peppy!

Born normal, not genetic, I am diagnosed regressive

IQ test scores aiming “normal” are mockery excessive!

Articulation, expressive prowess of purely verbal

Elude me, my brethren non-verbal and preverbal!

Labelling me different, disabled, and aloofly bore

Diminish me, ASD spectrum*, gutting mum’s core!

My empathy, response, smile, personality are trapped in Autism

Why is your understanding, acceptance, inclusivity in minimalism?

* ASD spectrum*

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior

Poem featured in the “International Anthology of Poems on Autism” which is launched

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1 Comment

  1. I have never known a person who I knew was classified as autistic. If I met such a person and did not know it I hope I treated them as any other person.


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