Dutee Chand: Breaks Hurdles and Taboos Against Odds

The story of Dutee Chand seems more like a work of fiction rather than the journey of a woman scaling heights through grit and determination. But hey, truth is stranger than fiction. This is the story of her struggle!

The Critilizers

In a society where stigma and dogma
run rampant, conformity to social mores is the norm. Choosing to stand out is
such an atmosphere is akin to sticking out like a sore thumb. But at times, it
takes courage to stand your ground and chase your dreams. The story of Indian
sportsperson and athlete Dutee Chand is one such story.

Dutee Chand burst onto the national sports scene in the year 2012 where she clocked an impressive 11.8seconds in the track and field event of 100m sprint at the national level in the Under-18 category.

Dutee Chand

Born into an impoverished family in
rural Orissa on 3 February 1996 the journey to become an athlete definitely was
not easy. Considering the socio-economic reality of the time the women in rural
areas did not have the access to individual freedoms and the journey into the
professional arena had just begun for…

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