Gypsy Girl: Lamabadi Lady from Deccan

Reading Time: 1 minute

Rupa verses about a girl-child, a rag picker, reminding us of Wordsworth’s Solitary Reaper. A Different Truths exclusive

Coated thick in construction cement
wearing a graying white princess dress
played a vision of sweet innocence
lovely wide eyed not- yet 3-year-old
gathering broken bottle with cap intact
picking torn plastic bag floating away
happily humming her own melody,
safe in knowledge mum is close by
that carried stones by pavement
working for minimal daily wage
to buy the next meal and security

Tot shied away from smiling stranger
trying to capture little vision in camera
young pretty mother urged tot to be still
lest camera clicking the baby is gone

Supervising construction boss beckoned
mother had to scurry back to work
little lambadi baby immersed herself back
in her soft hum, dusty treasures and immense joys.

©Rupa Rao

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